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    Resolved Ban after literaly a SINGLE accident.

    Yeah your logic on this ban appeal is completely non existent and this appeal is denied. First of all the entire situation surrounding the death is on you anyway. The barrel was ignited because you shot it WHILE ANOTHER PLAYER WAS NEARBY AND ACTIVELY MOVING TOWARDS IT. Second, It is not on...
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    Resolved Ban after literaly a SINGLE accident.

    You shot it/at it three times
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    Resolved Ban after literaly a SINGLE accident.

    You were still actively shooting the barrel as he was jumping next to it..
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    Old donator would like to have his status back :)

    Applied- Thanks!
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    Old donator would like to have his status back :)

    I don't see any donations that came through recently. When did you donate and can you PM me the email you used to do so
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    Microsoft and Bethesda

    Honestly, Fallout76 and milking out Skyrim & FO4 ruined my love of Bethesda. I don't think Microsoft could lower my opinion on them any more so I'm optimistic for this.
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    Closed - Rejected Mandatory kick before any bans (with reasonable exceptions)

    We are not creating a policy like that. As you said yourself there are many situations where going straight to a ban is necessary and we leave that up to staff discretion as we always did. There is a reason we have an appeals process that is handled by individuals that are unbiased to the...
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    Resolved Banned for allegedly breaking rules 1, 2, 6 of community guidelines - Unsure of what I said to break these rules

    The entire situation and surrounding circumstances have been discussed in this appeal and this feedback post. Although your name was left out of Karmic's response in the appeeal, your ban was reduced to 24-hours along with everybody else involved (excluding General Electric). The reason you're...
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    Feedback Feedback on staff's enforcement of rules

    Fair point, how would you change that system to both allow for that "undercover moderating" and alleviate that feeling?
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    Feedback Feedback on staff's enforcement of rules

    Yeah I disagree. Some of the most valuable information we gain and the best ways to truly judge someone's character is from alt accounts. A lot of people put on a persona when they see a staff member / manager online and that doesn't help us at all during investigations or when trying to learn...
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    Resolved Ban Appeal

    Managers - Leave this appeal to @Karmic Justice due to my involvement. This ban is also pending @Trundler response - he was the staff member online at the time to witness everything. I will throw in my opinion on this and the timeline you referenced as it pertains to your ban: You submitted a...
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    Resolved Ban Appeal for Harassment Ban with an unspecified event and unspecified punisher

    Unbanned Don't make stupid comments to people like that. The only reason you're being unbanned is that I do not want my staff moderating DMs/Steam messages or any messaging platform outside of our community outlets. Considering the amount of options available to Caribou to prevent this, this...
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    Resolved Ban appeal for MASS RDM before i even killed another player. Literally my 1st round in this server ever.

    The ban was made in error, sorry about that! It should be lifted shortly.