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    Automatically lower round end music

    I generally agree. I think adding how to disable the round end music to the MOTD may provide another solution. That being said no one reads MOTDs sooo
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    Bring Back Clientside Hitreg

    Man, we should keep the server side. Brings me back to the good days of TTT
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    Resolved Dropped Jihad

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    I am mod

    Collin. Are you deaf? He said Collin
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    Ban count on join

    I feel like previous generations of the moderation team were significantly more likely to do that. I haven't seen anyone with that behavior recently. The last time we had the ban count on join feature (~2-3 months ago, unless I'm mistaken) I did not witness anyone banning themselves to leave...
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    Staff Transparency

    Dawg, whats with the drama posting. Not cool.
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    Ban count on join

    Previously staff (maybe the entire server) could see the number of bans someone had when joining. This made determining cases of second and third infractions significantly easier. I personally would like to see this feature added back to the server. Thanks, Various Pasta Related Names
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    Accepted HesitantCorgi Mod App

    Would love to have you back +1
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    Resolved (numbers name)

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    WTB: Ursus Ultra Violet

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    Add the open profile button back to the scoreboard

    wait now im just confused
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    Add the open profile button back to the scoreboard

    Title Useful for moderation tasks / adding people
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    Accepted Boasty's Staff Application.

    its boasty ... boasty is one of the people i always wanted to see on when i was playing BT back in the day Solid +1