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  1. Cameron

    It's time

    Greetings all you browntowners, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I'm stepping down. For those of you who have been around for a bit, you'll know this isn't the first time I've stepped down. There is one critical difference this time around.. In the past, I've kept maintaining certain areas...
  2. Cameron

    Applications - #gaming-roles Additions

    Read the embed in #gaming-roles on our Discord prior to replying. Our list of supported ping-able games has plenty of openings! We do not plan on adding every game that people play to this list, only those that have a decent amount of support. If you frequently play a game with other Browntown...
  3. Cameron

    TTT KOS Actions List

    Traitor Baiting Actions The following actions are considered traitor baiting. If you do any of these actions, expect to be killed. Shooting in the general direction of players or in a populated area with no obvious intent Shooting breakable objects that do not pose threats to players are NOT...
  4. Cameron

    READ ME PSA to Moderators

    Moderating PSA I'm pretty sure that this has been said before but I can't find the thread(s) it's been said in so here we go again. I want to make this post to ensure that everybody is on the same page regarding what we expect out of our moderators on the servers. Preface I cannot overstate the...
  5. Cameron

    Community Global Community Guidelines

    Global Community Rules Be polite and friendly and use common sense. Things to avoid: Pornographic/illegal content, hate speech, derogatory slurs, drama inducing comments, conversations on gender, politics and religion. Do not get into heated arguments with other members of the community, take...
  6. Cameron

    TTT TTT Rules

    Global Community Guidelines Click here for the Global Community Guidelines ⚔ KILLING / FIGHTING RULES ⚔ Killing without 100% undeniable proof is not allowed. At no time can you kill on suspicion (click here for a list of actions considered suspicion only). Exceptions to the above rule: Another...
  7. Cameron

    Jailbreak - Seeking Advisors

    We're currently developing a Jailbreak addon to attempt to branch out from a just-TTT community again. I'm looking for anybody who previously played a jailbreak server in another community or anyone who has experience with that gamemode to act as an advisor for the server during development...
  8. Cameron

    OFFICIAL - Server Tier List

    SS- Discord S- MCV, BTV, NSV, CSS A- BRR B- HRP (All of them combined), BTC (All of them except the 2020 one), C- DarkRP (all of them), MC Factions, D- Dropzone, MC Skyblocks, NSC F- PrisonRP, BTC (2020) Explanations for each - Cuz
  9. Cameron

    Vex's Aim Guide (real one)

    Ignore the other post. Here is how you aim like Vex. Step 1:
  10. Cameron

    BTG - TTT Managers Tierlist Official Official (2016 - 2020)

    This the Tierlist of all the Managers, S.Managers and C.Managers on the TTT servers from 2016 to 2020. If there's anyone I forgot please tell me below. This is all based on the following traits I think are key to being a outstanding manager: Likeability Leadership What they've done during...
  11. Cameron

    The Scoopers™ and Team

  12. Cameron

    Off Topic Rules

    Keep things clean in here. No Porn - nobody wants to see that. Go to CornHub for that shit No Racism/Hate Speech - It just causes more drama than it's worth No bad memes - Mainly just applies to Connor