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    Ban count on join

    Previously staff (maybe the entire server) could see the number of bans someone had when joining. This made determining cases of second and third infractions significantly easier. I personally would like to see this feature added back to the server. Thanks, Various Pasta Related Names
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    WTB: Ursus Ultra Violet

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    Add the open profile button back to the scoreboard

    Title Useful for moderation tasks / adding people
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    Remove Terror Train

    Terror train seems to crash when ever it is picked. It forces the server back to the default map and holds everyone trying to connect infinitely at starting lua. 0/10 Please Fix
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    Barrel Head Attachment

    My iconic barrel head was removed with the Pointshop Update. I am naked and incomplete without it. Its really limiting my ability to function properly on the servers knowing that people can see my fat bomb head Barrel Head or Riot