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  1. Cameron

    Jailbreak - Seeking Advisors

    We're currently developing a Jailbreak addon to attempt to branch out from a just-TTT community again. I'm looking for anybody who previously played a jailbreak server in another community or anyone who has experience with that gamemode to act as an advisor for the server during development...
  2. Cameron

    OFFICIAL - Server Tier List

    SS- Discord S- MCV, BTV, NSV, CSS A- BRR B- HRP (All of them combined), BTC (All of them except the 2020 one), C- DarkRP (all of them), MC Factions, D- Dropzone, MC Skyblocks, NSC F- PrisonRP, BTC (2020) Explanations for each - Cuz
  3. Cameron

    Vex's Aim Guide (real one)

    Ignore the other post. Here is how you aim like Vex. Step 1:
  4. Cameron

    BTG - TTT Managers Tierlist Official Official (2016 - 2020)

    This the Tierlist of all the Managers, S.Managers and C.Managers on the TTT servers from 2016 to 2020. If there's anyone I forgot please tell me below. This is all based on the following traits I think are key to being a outstanding manager: Likeability Leadership What they've done during...
  5. Cameron

    The Scoopers™ and Team

  6. Cameron

    Off Topic Rules

    Keep things clean in here. No Porn - nobody wants to see that. Go to CornHub for that shit No Racism/Hate Speech - It just causes more drama than it's worth No bad memes - Mainly just applies to Connor