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  1. Tyber

    Old donator would like to have his status back :)

    you played mcv?
  2. Tyber

    Accepted Boasty's Staff Application.

    You can boast about being on staff team now. Accepted and Closed.
  3. Tyber

    Denied Evasion1403 Staff Application

    You need to put yourself out in the community more and work on activity as we've barely seen you if at all. You may reapply in a month. Denied and Closed.
  4. Tyber

    Resolved Midly Spicy's Ban appeal

    Me and management have decided that we will be undoing your ban and letting you play on the servers. If you continue to be toxic or behave how you did in the past we will redo the global ban and shut the door for additional chances. As for your donator status you once had as we appreciate the...
  5. Tyber

    Resolved Ban appeal Fizz

    Sorry for the delayed response. Ghosting is ghosting. The intent is to try and give an unfair advantage to the opposing side through external means like psay. You were warned several times and still continued to do that. If you still intend to play on the servers please review our rules here...
  6. Tyber

    Resolved Ban appeal alex2415

    It appears your ban is no longer active. My apologies to not getting to it sooner. If you have any further issues or problems you're running into please don't hesitate to contact myself, patrick, or tori.
  7. Tyber

    Resolved Ban Appeal

    Continually lying about ban evading will not make the ban go away, especially when we have proof of you doing so. Maybe if you had decided to come clean about ban evading the appeal couldve been accepted but you decided to blame it on “your brother”. Appeal Denied.
  8. Tyber

    Tyber's BT Server Tier List

    well thank you for making good servers
  9. Tyber

    Tyber's BT Server Tier List

    I added Pixelmon to Honorable Mentions (now with an S). For Pixelmon I wrote my thoughts on the server and why it's an honorable mention rather than tiered. Other Edits: Moved DarkRP (Microsoft) up to C tier since it was better than some of the other C Tier servers. Fixed a typo of Microsoft's...
  10. Tyber

    Browntown Tier List Tier List

    tierlist update when
  11. Tyber

    Completed Reacting in Announcements on Discord

    Please dont make it cancer
  12. Tyber

    Tyber's BT Server Tier List

    Manager on two of them lol
  13. Tyber

    Tyber's BT Server Tier List

    I forgot to add it to my thread but at the end of it all I was gonna joke about how microsoft has made 3 of the worst servers on browntown
  14. Tyber

    BTG Former Staff Tierlist made by natespin, Tyber and lunavis

    you weren't retired during all of those, community staff kinda different since ingame you still have legendary. You held admin/mod/manager in game so it doesnt count. You should probably be higher tho
  15. Tyber

    Completed Reacting in Announcements on Discord

    Its okay I stole the idea and called it mine
  16. Tyber

    Completed Reacting in Announcements on Discord

    This seems like a suggestion you should bring up on the discord in #community-staff-chat
  17. Tyber

    Tyber's BT Server Tier List

    Few things to note before reading the tier list: I probably missed a few servers. This is kinda biased on how much fun I had and how successful a server was. The server tier list begins mid 2016 after I started playing. The reboot of MCV and CSS weren't added since Im not adding a server that's...
  18. Tyber

    BTG Former Staff Tierlist made by natespin, Tyber and lunavis

    Activity is sided very heavily to recent. Both box and sniping have dropped off the community. More relevant people today are higher tier than relevant people a few years ago. I do agree with bumping Spicy up to at least C tier in-front of velvet tho. Lennie and Lenin should be added! Lennie...
  19. Tyber

    BTG Former Staff Tierlist made by natespin, Tyber and lunavis

    The list was also based on community contributions since retiring, Pretzel edited out my edit that highlighted it so is it really my list?
  20. Tyber

    Donator Forum Rank Request

    I added you rank on forums and we no longer have chattags. If you dont have your ingame ranks I can set it, I do remember you being a donator so I can set that up for you.