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  1. MajorSoul

    300k Bean Giveaway

    Whoa! Beans!?!
  2. MajorSoul

    Anime Recommendations & Discussions Thread

    Guess its my turn. 1. Dragon Ball (Z-Super) Been watching this show since I was a kid, it got myself into fighting anime's. Its got some really good fighting from time to time but has some REAL issues in lots of arcs, Oh and the memes and parody of it are quite good. Downside: Namek Arc is...
  3. MajorSoul

    Sleeping Schedule

    I get super ripped go to bed between 11PM- 1AM. Put a sleeping mask on my head. Read for about 5-20 minutes. Pass out. Wake up, groan and get out of bed. Then the morning begins with brushing my teeth and drinking some coffee.