Pending Applying for Moderator

  • Before posting in someone else's staff application, consider first if what you are going to say really needs to be said. Staff apps are meant to be a place where applicants can demonstrate to the managers and scoopers why they would be a good fit for a staff position, as well as allow the community to give feedback about the user. They are not a place that needs to be filled with one-word posts and off-topic discussion.

    DO post if...
    You have constructive advice/criticism for the applicant
    You have feedback about the applicant (not their app)
    You are helping to clarify information, or
    You want to give a positive or negative recommendation (+1/-1)

    DON'T post if...
    You have nothing constructive to say
    You are repeating the same advice from other users
    Your post has nothing to do with the staff applicant
    You are posting only asking to be added to their staff list, or
    You are replying to another off-topic post
    You are giving a positive or negative recommendation (+1/-1) without actually playing with the applicant.

    For many users staff applications are their first interaction with the community outside of their home server so the last thing we should be doing is setting a bad example. From now on these off-topic posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be given warning points.


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Feb 10, 2021
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Unsure I was trusted back in 2014 but since then it's wiped and updated.

I use to pay this community a lot back in 2014 and now I want to give back. Ive had a lot of experience moderating big community. I was the COD community manager for the US Army discord and am currently a moderator of the US Air Force Esports Discord. I also work SySAdmin/cyber security IRL so I'm very family with user server admin tools and have hosted my own gmod servers before.


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Jul 16, 2020
I haven't seen you around while I was on the servers, you might want to get back into the community more before applying. -1 for now.


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Jul 17, 2020
New York
Like what Meowii said, I have not seen you around at all really. You should make yourself known again and spend some time with the community before immediately applying. -1