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LL Agony

Where am I?
Game Staff
Sep 25, 2020
I guess I posted my previous introduction when the website was being updated so it, unfortunately, got deleted. So let's try this again.

Hello guys,
The name is LL Agony. After a few long years, I have decided to come back to the community I was once a part of. Originally a mod on the NSV servers along with Inarius and Hesitant Corgi. I know it has been a long time so many of you in the community may not recognize me or you yourself are new to the community. I left a few years ago due to school and work taking a chunk out of my personal life, but now that things have settled I have decided to put more time into this community. I'm glad to be back and hope to reestablish my role as mod in the given future.

Past Aliases:

Malefic Shadow

Dark Shadow