Resolved Ban Appeal for Harassment Ban with an unspecified event and unspecified punisher

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Sep 13, 2020
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Not sure: no punisher displayed on ban
Not quite sure why I was banned but I received no conversation from Mods and no reason for the ban other than "Harassment" and I am not sure why. I would appreciate at least an opportunity to communicate about why I was banned if I'm not able to be unbanned. I was not given a punisher name or anything to appeal so it struck me as very confusing. If I was explained the reason perhaps I could give some insight into the incident if necessary. At the very least some reasoning would be appreciated as I usually enjoy playing on this server. If it was simply my general server behavior, I could try to tone down any jokes that are taken the wrong way. I did not believe I broke any rules at the time of my ban, so it caught me by surprise. Thank you for your time!
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Jul 16, 2020
The reason why I banned you is due to a complaint I was given by a player that you were dming them very cruel messages and the messages could easily pass as more than harassment. Not sure why you felt the need to do this but you even did it in voice chat and this clearly wouldn't even pass as a joke. Even if you were joking, this isn't something you should be saying to other players of this community and this isn't something we take lightly.



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Jul 16, 2020
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Don't make stupid comments to people like that. The only reason you're being unbanned is that I do not want my staff moderating DMs/Steam messages or any messaging platform outside of our community outlets. Considering the amount of options available to Caribou to prevent this, this does not constitute harassment. @Caribou you can disable DMs from people you didn't add in privacy settings or you can block people sending you messages like this. We're not punishing for messages outside of BT when you can easily prevent them.
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