Box News [Edition 6]


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Jul 17, 2020
New York
Hey all, Sosar N. Pierre Bugar Edison the 5th here, with another Box News Report. We have a lot to get to tonight, so lets get it started.

To start off, it's great to be back in business you guys. I know how absolutely heart broken the community was when they heard that Box News was being discontinued. And yes, some were more upset about the forums closing than Box News, but who cares what they think, they are anti journalist and pro-propoganda.

So in recent news, the Forums have returned! We'll see if they return to their former glory or if will Tyber ruin it for everyone.

Also, QUOTES ARE GONE AND IM PISSED. They're all I look forward to in life. I would suggest just giving community staff the ability to delete innapropriate quotes when they are seen in the chat, but Cameron's reaction will be somewhere along the lines of: "Quotes were removed for a reason and they're not coming back. Closing this thread." Also it's probably my fault they got removed. You know, for QID #4802. But I see what he means, it's not a good look to see community members making comments like "i once strangled a homeless man at a truck stop for trying to attack me and i never got caught"

Well Gamers, that's all for tonight. Make sure you tune in next time when I take an inside look at life after Browntown; a collective memoir of former staff members and their experiences stepping down from their role as staff.


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Jul 22, 2020
If only box were here to see this beautiful revival. brings a tear to me eye