Community Global Community Guidelines

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Global Community Rules​

  1. Be polite and friendly and use common sense.
    • Things to avoid: Pornographic/illegal content, hate speech, derogatory slurs, drama inducing comments, conversations on gender, politics and religion.
  2. Do not get into heated arguments with other members of the community, take it to DMs.
  3. Do not bypass any punishments issued by our systems or staff members. Doing so will result in further actions being taken.
  4. Do not use the Discord or Forums to advertise other communities, products or services.
  5. Do not post or talk about staff member or donator abuse on the discord or forums, To report a staff member/donator, make a report here.
  6. Have fun!
  7. Saying "You hate to see it" is not allowed and punishable by warning points / mute.

General Discord Rules​

  1. Do not ping any roles without a legitimate reason.
  2. Do not ping the populator role more than once every three hours.
  3. Do not attempt to bypass text chat filters or misuse them.
  4. No mic spam or chat spam

General Forum Rules​

  1. Do not misuse the forum reporting feature.
  2. Do not necropost or bump threads. (Posting on threads with 1 month+ of inactivity).
  3. Do not make off-topic posts in administrative categories (Ban appeals, Report a Player, Staff Applications)
  4. Post threads into their correct categories. Threads incorrectly placed will be moved.
  5. No flashing GIFs are allowed on any part of the forums.

Warnings and Punishments​

Warning points stack up on your account and if you reach certain thresholds of warning points, you will be punished. Warnings are not appealable. Below are the explanations for warnings on both discord and forums.

Discord Warning Points​

Discord warnings are different from forum warnings and don’t expire. Each violation of the rules will receive one warning point and the punishments are leveled after your first offense. The levels are as follows:

  • Level 1 - Simple warning that is on your account.
  • Level 2 - Mute - You’ll be unable to use text and voice chats for a set amount of time.
  • Level 3 - Kick - You’ll have to rejoin the discord.
  • Level 4 - Softban - You’ll be kicked and all your recent messages will be deleted.
  • Level 5 - Ban - You won’t be able to join back and will have to make an appeal on the forums.

Forums Warning Points​

Forum warnings automatically expire after the time period listed for the violation. If you reach a certain threshold you will have your access to the forums limited or removed (till expiry). After 10 warning points your forum access will be limited (1 week). After 15 warning points you will be forum banned (till points fall below 15). The violations are as follows:

  • Necroposting / Bumping: 2 warning points [Expires: 3 months]
  • Off Topic / Spam: 3 warning points [Expires: 3 months]
  • Application Feedback Violation: 3 warning points [Expires: 3 months]
  • Inappropriate Content: 5 warning points [Expires: 6 months]
  • Inciting Drama: 5 warning points [Expires: 6 months]
  • Advertising: 5 warning points [Expires: 6 months]
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