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Sep 3, 2020
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So I made a joke bind about being a hitman for hire. "Hitman 4 hire, give me knife and target" something to that effect, honestly dont remember exactly. Anyways, traitor gave me a knife, and a target and i completely knifing as an innocent. Understand I was wrong, intentional rdm punishment sure fair enough. I accept that as reasonable. I was just trying to make a joke but fair enough im wrong. However, after the incident I wwas informed that that counts as "teaming". Genuinely never hear of this at all, yet when I said so the admin claimed I was lying and didnt let me explain myself at all. I feel 2 week ban for a 1 time incident not knowing that was a rule at all is very harsh. I dont understand how there can be players who intentionally prop kill people every time they are on the server who get to play every day with zero long term bans, yet I break a rule that I didnt even know was a rule (again, the teaming part, not the intentional rdm I totally get that part) and I get a very lengthy ban. I just feel this is undue and harsh punishment for a first time incident.


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Sep 10, 2020
dude you literally made a truce with a traitor to target me, that's not cool. it is teaming, and also annoying for me. even if that isn't explicitly mentioned in the rules that doesn't make it any more ok. it's common sense to not do that kind of shit because it's unfair.


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Jul 17, 2020
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To start off here, it should be said that inconsistent punishments are a separate issue that I won’t be discussing here and aren’t excuses for breaking rules. Speaking of excuses, while I don’t expect all players to know the details of rules I think trucing is common sense when playing between traitor and innocent roles. With you being someone who has applied for staff it makes less sense to me for you to not know. The reason I didn’t see much second chance to what you did was because you made a bind that invited trucing and played it multiple times over. If you think normal gameplay as innocent involves receiving traitor items and using them against a player you are told to kill by a traitor, I’m not sure what to tell you.
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Jul 16, 2020
I've been seeing a lot of people saying the punishments for rule breaking is harsh, however these rules were made to be more lenient then the rules before hand. As players who were banned in 2015-16 didn't get a 2 week ban for 1st offenses but rather were permanently banned.
Like nico said, trucing should be a fairly straight to the point concept in a game where teams involved. Seeing as you've also applied for staff and are an active player on the server, I see no reason why you shouldn't know what this rule is other than not reading the rules.

Denied and closed.
Take this time to re-read the rules so that this doesn't happen again.
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