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Sep 14, 2020
I'm Mogi. yea.

Gmod was the first game on my steam account way back on the first day of 2011. Right now I'm sitting at 1283 hours with probably 1000 of that ttt. In that time I've been a part of many communities as both a player and admin. Since around 2016 I had effectively quit and been playing other things, then this new among us game came out. After about 1.5 rounds I said "This is just worse ttt why don't I play that instead?" So uh, I'm here.

In my time away from gmod I've learned to code and enjoy it, so I'd like to help make cool toys for the server. What I've seen of the community so far makes it feel like a place worth putting in work for too, so I'm excited to eventually see what happens.


P.S. KOS seaturtle
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