Jailbreak Jailbreak Rules

Global Community Guidelines
All BT Servers and official Communication outlets are subject to our Global Community Guidelines
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General Rules
  • Don't be toxic.
    • Do not use homophobic/racial slurs.
  • Don't spam either mic/chat.
    • Try not to spam more than 4 of the same message in a row. Don't hold down your mic button and talk over anyone, or play music (unless it's on American Idol.)
  • Don't ghost.
    • Ghosting is dead players giving information (like player location, what guns they have, etc.) to the living.
  • Don't avoid punishment.
    • If you are gagged and muted please don't leave the server and join right back. If you have to go, then that's fine, just let a staff member know ahead of time.
  • Don't hack, use cheats, or exploit the server in any way (bugs, glitches, erc.)

Game Specific Rules
  1. The round becomes a freeday if the Warden:
    1. Dies.
    2. Disconnects
    3. Does not have a microphone/are unable to be understand.
    4. Orders the prisoners to have a freeday.
    5. No orders are given by 9:00.
  2. When a freeday is called, it can't be uncalled. No exceptions.
  3. Do not delay the round under any circumstances. The last guard/prisoner must actively work to win the round or win LR.
  4. Do not body block.
  5. No favouritism.
  6. Orders override orders.
    1. So if it is the floor is lava, and the warden orders to go to the main cell area, you are to go there, rather than stay in cells.
    2. However, if the warden states that it is a "day," such as "Lava Day," orders do not override.
    3. Days cannot contradict each other. It will be assumed the last day is the active day.
  7. No detours or delays is implied with all orders, unless warden specifies otherwise.

Warden Rules
  1. The Warden must follow LR as long as it follows the LR rules.
  2. The Warden must not give orders that unreasonably kill prisoners, contradict itself, or are impossible to follow
    1. If a player doesn't understand a game or order, the Warden must explain it.

Guard Rules
  1. Don't speak over the Warden.
  2. Guards must follow the Wardens rules to the best of their ability. They do not have to follow rules if it conflicts with the server rules, results in the guards death, unreasonably difficult to follow, or is given on a freeday.
  3. If Guards witness a prisoner commit a KOSable action, they must KOS the prisoner. Guards must be 100% sure they are KOSing the right person.
  4. Guards can not weapon/gunplant.
    1. Weapon/gunplant is a guard giving guns to prisoners.
  5. Guards must not KOS Camp
  6. Guards must not open cell doors before the Warden signals for it.
  7. Guards must open the cell doors immediately if the Warden dies before they are open.
  8. Guards cannot KOS for the use of trail guns. Shooting a trail gun is also still considered being AFK Frozen.

LR Rules
  1. Lrs cannot require guards to kill themselves.
  2. Letting a prisoner commit a KOSable action is okay (at the warden's discretion) but only for the round the LR is requested (i.e. You can't request a gun for the next round)
  3. Must be a single request, no dual LRs
  4. Warden may deny mic-related LRs, such as "you must say X at the end of each sentence" and the specific LR to be the Warden's pet.
  5. Death Requests are allowed, but are not mandatory.

Banned Games
  • War Day: Involves
    • However, War Day may be ran once every map change.
  • Ping Day.
  • Any game that involves killing people based on their playermodel.

KOSable Actions
  • Not following the warden’s orders as quick as possible (no detouring and delaying is implied with every order).
  • Having a gun out.
  • Being in a KOS zone.
  • Damaging breakable vents.
  • Damaging anyone on the guard team for any amount.
  • Picking up guns in guards’ sight.

    Missing Textures? Garry's Mod utilizes assets from Counter Strike: Source for numerous textures and props, so you'll need to have the game downloaded from Steam, OR you can download it for free through Steampipe.
Credit to Stao for a lot of help on these rules!
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