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Jailbreak Jailbreak Terms and Keywords

This is a list of terms and keywords you're likely to hear in the average Jailbreak game. It's a good idea to get used to them, because some of these orders will get you killed if you misunderstand them.

AFK Freeze - Stop moving and looking around entirely (including crouching), or using flashlights. You may still communicate with your microphone (unless mics are called KOS) or chat (unless typing is called KOS).

WASD Freeze - Stop moving around (including crouching), but you may freelook.

KOS - Kill-On-Site. A KOS prisoner is one that is allowed to be killed by guards. This term is usually used to designate an action that will get you killed if disobeyed.

KOS Zone - A section of the map that being in will make you KOS.

Crouch Walk - Walking while holding the crouch button (CTRL by default). Jumping is allowed by default unless called KOS by the warden.

ALT-Walk - Walking while holding the Slow-Walk button (ALT by default). Jumping is allowed by default unless called KOS by the warden.

Freeday - A day where there are no rules except don't perform KOS-able actions unless you wish to be called KOS.

Rebelling - Actively trying to undermine the Warden by murdering guards or not following orders, performing KOS actions, etc.

RTV - Rock the vote. Typing !rtv into chat will cast your vote to change map. You can also nominate a map to play by using the !nominate command.

Warden - Head guard, who makes the orders and commands you should be following.

Warden Waypoint - Waypoint placed by the warden at a certain location, usually used to designate where to go.

CSS Textures/Textures/Black & Purple Textures/Errors - Garry's Mod utilizes assets from Counter Strike: Source for numerous textures and props, so you'll need to have the game downloaded from Steam, OR you can download it for free through Steampipe.
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