TTT KOS Actions List

Traitor Baiting Actions

The following actions are considered traitor baiting. If you do any of these actions, expect to be killed.​

  1. Shooting in the general direction of players or in a populated area with no obvious intent
  2. Shooting breakable objects that do not pose threats to players are NOT considered traitor baiting.
  3. Claiming that you are a Traitor / T / Terrorist is T-Baiting.
  4. Trying to fool people into killing you by saying you're a Terrorist isn't cool and will just lower karma.
  5. Throwing incendiary grenades or discombobulator grenades in a place where someone could get hurt from fall damage / map hazard
  6. Holding out a T-Weapon is T-Baiting even if you call out that you have it. It's easy for a T to call out that they're proven with a knife
  7. Hiding, throwing away, or disposing of map objects that aid the Innocent team (gold blocks to activate tester on b5, etc)
    • Intentionally destroying or damaging traitor testers also applies here
  8. Aiding in completing or performing map side objectives / easter eggs that aid the Traitor objective
    • Example: Removing the keycard from the vault in Nuclear Power
  9. Damaging or disposing of a health station
  10. Prop / Crowbar pushing leading to damage
  11. Walking past an unidentified body or holding one
  12. Being in a traitor only area (T-Room)
  13. Holding an object that does direct damage/kills on contact (ie: Charged axe on rooftops, pencil on bikini bottom, etc)
    • This does not apply to explosive objects or any other object that requires damage to the prop to activate (ie: Explosive barrels)
WARNING: If you attempt to kill someone for one of these Traitor Baiting actions, and they instead kill you in self defense, this is NOT RDM


Here's a short list on some actions that are NOT KOSABLE and are only suspicious. There has been confusion and this list is to clarify.​

  • Prop surfing is not KOSable. If the player prop surfs into an unreachable location they may be killed for it.
  • You may not KOS or kill based on primary weapons, skin/color or any other trait purchasable in pointshops.
  • If you feel you were RDM'd from someone in a previous round do not revenge RDM them. You will be slain.
  • You may not base anything off of slays. Slays do not mean someone is proven or a traitor.
  • You may not kill someone because they do not interfere with a shoot-out.
  • You cannot kill someone for not following a KOS. This is only suspicion.
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