Luke? Dippy? I don't know man

Dippy Fresh

Matisse Thybulle Stan Account
Jul 19, 2020

This was my intro on the last forums, I figure it's time to update it, seeing as it's been 3 years.

Hi, My name is Luke. That is my real first name. You might have seen me go around as LukeIsThatKidd, or Dippy Fresh, which is my current steam username.

I'm 17 now, going on 18 in about 3 weeks.

I was staff, as you can see up there, however I had not been active at all in the last few months of me being here, so i was (rightfully) stripped of my powers.

I'm currently taking a gap quarter from college, however I was enrolled at Eastern Washington University for the entirety of my high school senior year, through running start. I've since graduated from high school

I've grown, a lot, and now I go to the gym almost everyday.

Huge Philly sports fan, a 4 for 4, even though I had only gotten into hockey this year, and to be honest I still can't name the starting lineup for the Flyers.

Oh, I'm Bi too, but I have hella straight tendencies.
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