Max's Intro


The King.
Jul 17, 2020
Hey everyone! I've gone by many names throughout the years but most people know me as Max.

I first joined the servers when I was 11/12 ish, so around mid to late 2013 (namely MCV) but I hadn't become a member until quite some time after that. Later down the line, I later joined NSV and that became my go-to server, this is where the majority of my hours were accumulated. Due to certain issues I've had to be away from the community for months, or sometimes years at a time, but every time I would come back I'd be welcomed back delighted to see the growth and success of the community as a whole. A perfect reminder of why I can never stay far for too long.

I had never expected to be welcomed into a community like this one when I downloaded Gmod and I'd never expected to develop as many great friendships along the way. This community affected my tumultuous teenage years in an extremely positive way, and I have nothing but gratitude for the members and staff that continue to make this place great.

Fast forward to today, I'm now 17 and looking forward to finally getting back into the swing of things.