MCV Map Tier List


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Jul 17, 2020
This is a tier list for Minecraft Vanilla's maps. Here is what the ratings are based on:

- Replay-ability
- Comparison to other MCV maps
- Enough minecraft? Enough vanilla?
- ????

S - Minecraft_b5. This was a tough choice but after an immense amount of research and consideration I've put this map on S. The fact that the server has it on repeat no matter what says enough. Very good map. 2/10

Cazz Tat

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ttt_minecraft_b5 is the most versatile map in ttt. It has such a wide variety of sniper sight lines, a way to end the game when traitors delay, a good t room that gets to the point and let’s you set off two very powerful traps, and a nether. These are all given to the player without the need of having css textures which definitely is a plus. All in all ttt_minecraft_b5 would always stay at the top of any tier list unless you are a smooth brain and thinks that there would be a better option than this beautiful creation.