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Denied Shmethan's (Bad) Jailbreak Mod App

  • Before posting in someone else's staff application, consider first if what you are going to say really needs to be said. Staff apps are meant to be a place where applicants can demonstrate to the managers and scoopers why they would be a good fit for a staff position, as well as allow the community to give feedback about the user. They are not a place that needs to be filled with one-word posts and off-topic discussion.

    DO post if...
    You have constructive advice/criticism for the applicant
    You have feedback about the applicant (not their app)
    You are helping to clarify information, or
    You want to give a positive or negative recommendation (+1/-1)

    DON'T post if...
    You have nothing constructive to say
    You are repeating the same advice from other users
    Your post has nothing to do with the staff applicant
    You are posting only asking to be added to their staff list, or
    You are replying to another off-topic post
    You are giving a positive or negative recommendation (+1/-1) without actually playing with the applicant.

    For many users staff applications are their first interaction with the community outside of their home server so the last thing we should be doing is setting a bad example. From now on these off-topic posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be given warning points.
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Sep 13, 2020
What is your in-game rank?
I would like to preface this by saying I understand that this will likely not be accepted and the people who know me on the server may laugh when they see this application, because the idea of seeing me as staff is so outlandish.

However, I am excited to see the development of the Jailbreak server and I would love to be a part of it. I noticed a few times during the day when staff were not available and figured you could use a little more staff. I do mess around often on TTT and I do play very close to the line in terms of following the rules, but I believe that could help with good moderating on Jailbreak. Jailbreak is inherently a bit more chaotic than TTT, with a bit more freedom regarding rules, so I would hope to use my usual stupidity to encourage a fun atmosphere.

I don't expect this to get accepted, though, so please feel free to give any criticism or advice you have for me in terms of being accepted, or just feel free to let me know if it's not happening.

Thanks in advance!


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Jul 17, 2020
Shmethan, when you're on the servers you typically have a bit of an ego in the way you conduct yourself. This isn't necessarily a terrible thing, but it often leads to you seeming self-centered when it comes to your gameplay and communications. I have a piece of advice for you - actively think about how other players are feeling when you're playing on the BT servers. Many of Browntown's best managers are held so highly in regard because of this. Being on the server when they are on means you're in for a fun time. When you're focused on other players rather than yourself, you end up making the game a lot more fun for everyone. I think you need to work on this before becoming staff.

That said, it's not my place to judge whether or not you're fit for staff. Anyone else is free to leave feedback as well.
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Jul 17, 2020
You had a really rough start on this community, IMO. I'll give you this: you're getting a lot better conduct wise. The Shmethan today is much improved over the shmethan a month ago. For now though, I want you to keep working on bettering yourself and being a positive influence in the community. Trundler's advice is also really sound too.

do mess around often on TTT and I do play very close to the line in terms of following the rules,

I wanna touch up on this as well. Get further away from that line on TTT if you wanna join the staff team. Although the staff teams are separate, we're all BTG staff members and need to be setting a good example on both servers. I would hate for TTT management to be contacting me about how a JB staff member is causing trouble on TTT, and I'm sure it's vice versa for them as well.

For now it's a no. If you keep going on a positive trend conduct wise I don't think staff is out of the question a couple months down the line.
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