They call me dusty


Jul 31, 2020
You can call me dusty if you'd like, my real name is Xavier. I'm an aerospace technician and long time gmod enthusiast. If you google dustythedirtman I'm the first result, so that's pretty cool. I have years of experience with lua development specific to gmod, and source sdk mapping alike. I believe my steam alias is best known for the servers I used to run, under the name AfakNation. We had the #1 deathrun server for 8 months straight! I also hosted both a ttt and bhop server. I've taken quite a liking to the browntown community and believe it has boundless potential. All the staff are engaging and the player base creates a friendly environment, easy for anyone to get into. I'm known to be a little shy (and awkward at times) but I'm always looking to make new friends so when you see me around don't hesitate to ask me anything or give me a shout.
Discord: dusty#2637