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Global Community Guidelines
Click here for the Global Community Guidelines


  1. Killing without 100% undeniable proof is not allowed. At no time can you kill on suspicion (click here for a list of actions considered suspicion only).
    • Exceptions to the above rule:
    • Another player has called a Kill on Sight (KOS) on that player
    • The player is AFK and it is overtime
    • The player is committing a T-Baiting action listed here
  2. You may only call a Live Check or KOS during Overtime.
    • You may call optional Live Checks prior to Overtime however you may not KOS non-respondents.
  3. You are responsible for any and all damage inflicted by a thrown grenade regardless of intent.
  4. If you are being blocked by another player/player holding a prop, you must issue three warnings in text-chat spaced at least 5 seconds apart before killing them.
  5. Causing any damage (direct or indirect) is kosable regardless of amount.
    • Damage of less than 20hp is KOS-able however it is not considered Attempted RDM.
    • Staff have full discretion in overriding this rule if damage is done with malicious intent or done so repeatedly.
  6. (Map specific) Shooting through one-way walls (such as Traitor Room windows) is not allowed
    • Shooting through objects that both or neither side can see through is allowed (example: Doors)
  7. Traitor traps that have potential to harm other traitors must be called out in the team's text chat (not voice) otherwise you’ll be responsible for any damage dealt by the trap.
    • You must wait at least five seconds after issuing a warning before triggering the trap
    • C4s are excluded from this due to the on-screen warning provided to all traitors


? Text and Voice Chat ?​

  1. Keep all chats free for game-play chatter.
  2. No arguments in the public chats (voice or text); keep trash talk to a minimum.
  3. Absolutely no racism or Discrimination, slurs, etc

? Camping & Claiming ?​

  1. You must be an Innocent or Detective to camp or claim.
  2. You may only camp/claim in overtime.
  3. You must be in the area you are claiming and you may not claim the area if others are present.
  4. You cannot claim high traffic areas. Gameplay cannot be inhibited for people not claiming.
  5. All claims must be announced in TEXT CHAT. Voice chat claims are not recognized by Staff.
  6. Leaving your claimed area at any time forfeits the claim
  7. Traitors may make false claims to appear innocent, however, they may not camp in their false claim.

? Ghosting and Trucing ?​

  1. Ghosting is defined as “The act of sharing of information with, or otherwise attempting to influence the actions of, a living player through private message or third party communications after you've died and/or are spectating.”
    • Staff Members warning a living Traitor that they are delaying/must act is considered a moderator duty and is not ghosting.
  2. Trucing is defined as “The act of teaming or cooperating with players of opposing factions. Examples: Detective ignoring a Traitor’s killing spree, Traitor giving away Traitor items, etc.
  3. Trucing and Ghosting are both considered cheating and are handled the same.

⛔ Miscellaneous Rules ⛔

  1. Usernames must contain at least three English characters and they cannot be the same as or similar to another player’s username on the server
  2. Prop surfing/climbing/stacking is allowed as long as you do not enter an area that is unreachable by foot.
    • Areas that require physics exploits to reach are also considered out of bounds
    • Areas that a "noob armed only with a crowbar" could not conceivably reach is considered out of bounds.
  3. Do not block doors or ladders
  4. Going AFK and being moved to spectator is considered hour farming and will result in a kick.
    • Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action up to and including demotion and/or full reset of hours.
  5. Use common sense. If you know you shouldn’t be doing something, don’t do it.
  6. Do not abuse glitches or exploits. If you find an oversight by a map creator or a Developer, report it via the issue tracker and do not abuse it.
  7. Do not argue with staff – they were appointed staff for a reason.
    • If you disagree with a decision, report it via the Report a Staff application located on Player Services (click here).
    • If you report a staff member, keep it confidential. Bragging about your report in-game will result in it being discarded.
  8. Have fun – This is the most important rule. Anyone who acts in a way that is not keeping to the spirit of the game will be removed.


  1. Use your powers responsibly, appropriately and only when necessary.
  2. Do not use your powers to discipline staff members of equal or greater ranking for non-RDM related issues.
  3. If a staff member above your rank commits an RDM and another higher-ranked staff member is online, the higher-ranked staff member should handle the report.
  4. Staff and D-Mods should not handle their own RDM reports. These should be handled by another online staff member.
  5. All serious discussion pertaining to a player/d.mod online should take place in the Discord #staff-chat.
  6. Do not threaten to use powers you don’t have.
  7. Your behaviors and actions should be a good representation of Browntown. Act mature and responsible.
  8. Do not base slays solely on logs. Conduct an investigation and hear both sides out; from there, make an educated and informed decision as far as punishments go
  9. Everyone is subject to the rules including you and your friends.
  10. You must meet assigned hours quotas consistently.
    • Communicate any issues meeting your quota prior to the end of the month.
    • The following ranks are required to play at least 15-hours per month: Trial Moderators, Moderators, Administrators
    • The following ranks are required to play at least 20-hours per month: Managers, Developers
    • Developers may be exempt from playtime quotas based on frequency of commits to their assigned repositories


The following guidelines are to be followed during standard rule violations. Staff are permitted to deviate from these guidelines in non-standard situations​

Do not make staff / donator abuse reports on the “Report a Player” app. Use the “Report a Staff Member” form instead.
Any abuse claims will be dealt with swiftly and behind closed doors. Be sure to have something to back your claims such as a screenshot, video or audio evidence.
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