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Jul 17, 2020
Since everyone is making tier lists, it's time for me to hop on the train. Remember when there was a TTT weapons tier list? Well here's a new one for 2020 so you can finally be the best competitive TTT player ever.

EDIT: Knife moved down a tier, mac10 moved down a tier.
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S Tier
Shotgun - Hands down the best gun in the game. It can do literally everything you want. Want that guy to die right now? Left-click, and he's gone. Sniper looking out a window? Just shoot your shotty a few times until he dies. Doesn't matter the distance, if someone can't aim, it's only a matter of time.

Jihad - Practically a C4 with legs. If you use this in a crowd, you're pretty much guaranteed to get 3 or more kills out of it. The only downside is you die.

A Tier
Sniper - Assuming you have the accuracy, the sniper is the best primary after the shotgun. Two body shots or a headshot is an easy kill from a distance. The only drawbacks to the sniper are the fire speed and gmod hit detection just not caring.

Deagle - The best secondary weapon in the game. Has a lot of the same benefits as the sniper, minus body shot kill power, but it has a decent fire speed. Hit detection can cause problems, though.

C4 - On certain maps, the C4 can definitely be SS tier. On others, however, it barely makes a difference. Still, the C4 has a good chance to kill at least one or two innocents at worst. At best, you can make a full game of 22 players go down to 5.

Knife - Alright, so the thrown knife killing people who walk over it was a glitch. The knife isn't as strong as it was anymore, but it's still a one-hit, at least. It just doesn't have the same amount of uses anymore.

B Tier
Mac10 - While not the best gun in terms of ammo usage and kill power at range, the mac10 can still melt people up close. The only thing that beats the mac10 in close range combat is the shotgun.

UMP Prototype - While not the best thing to buy as a detective, the UMP proves itself to be a rather effective weapon. It throws a player's aim off with electrical shocks, making it easier to kill. Note: this will not help you if your opponent uses aimbot. Like Joker.

M16 - The M16 is the most average of TTT weapons. It's relatively strong and has good range, but doesn't really outdo any of the other high tier guns. It also has that zoom-in feature, if you're into that.

C Tier
Glock - The most popular secondary after the Deagle is the Glock. It's best suited for picking off damaged players, as it's strength pretty much relies on shoving bullets into a person's body. It has pretty good range, though.

Silenced pistol - Same thing as the normal pistol, except it's silent. Pros: Silent. Cons: T weapon.

Pistol - While not necessarily bad, the pistol really brings nothing interesting to the table. It's pretty much the M16 with a slower firing speed. Can be rather effective if you have the accuracy (and the gmod hitboxes on your side).

H.U.G.E. M249 - The skill check gun. The huge is best used when your opponent is either A, not looking at your or B, a horrible shot. It's very effective at discombobulating your enemies with its high ammo count and fast fire rate but suffers from poor damage output and range. A skilled huge main can beat any shotgun, though.

Flare gun - The flare gun is a good tool, but a bad weapon. The flare gun only comes with a handful of ammo, so every shot counts. The fire and its damage make it effective at taking down weak targets, however, making it difficult for them to shoot back in time before they burn to death. Very rarely will kill without fire (target has to be at 1HP practically).

Incendiary grenade - Again, a great tool, but a bad weapon. The incend is best at keeping people in an area or doing some annoying damage. There aren't a lot of situations where you can get a kill off of it.

D Tier
Crowbar - You're not going to beat anyone who has a gun to death unless they're already about to die. Good for picking off AFK players, though.

Discombob - The discombob is the best out of the three grenades, however, it's also the most situational of the three. not all maps have ledges where the discombob can get a kill from. In most cases, you're just going to annoy people and maybe mess up their aim.

Newton Launcher - Like the discombob, the newton launcher can be a great weapon, but it's still very situational. It's practically useless against larger crowds, and it suffers from the same problems as the discombob. Its shots can also be easily avoided or influenced.

Poltergeist - Good, but situational. Really good on maps with lots of props and close-quarter combat, but useless elsewhere.

Magneto stick - Like the poltergeist, but less effective. Completely depends on the props available on the map whether it does anything at all.

Got questions? Look here first.

Q: Is this an actual tier list?
A: In a way, yeah. TTT isn't competitive by default (really depends on the server and its mods), but the tier list is supposed to rank weapons by what I at least think they can do.

Q: I disagree with ____ being placed at ____ Tier, why would you do that?
A: Read the description of each tier to see my reasoning, but feel free to comment on anything you disagree with so I can make the tier list better.

Q: Why isn't the smoke grenade/radio/other things not on the list?
A: The tier list is based on how well it can kill a player or a group of players. Last time I check, none of those can kill a person.

Q: Why isn't the diamond sword/wooden sword/etc. on this list?
A: They are map specific and rarely used in most cases, so they are excluded from the list.

Q: Fuck your tier list, it sucks.
A: That's not a question, but if you want to make your own, click this link. Post it in the comments/make a new post or something if you do.

And remember, the only thing any of us are probably going to agree on is shotgun being S tier.


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